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The Many Functions of Your Mighty Tongue

Your tongue does yeoman's work for you and is on duty 24/7. It deserves your utmost care and attention.

     Have you ever stopped to think how important your tongue is to your livelihood? There are probably countless ways that we use our tongue daily to make our lives better, not to mention the two most important areas of living in which our tongues are vital to life - EATING AND TALKING.

     As important as these two finctions are to daily life, your tongue plays an important role in your ability to BREATHE during sleep. Let's break the big three down into components, then have some fun with other "uses" from this vital organ.

      Let your imagination take over right here for just a minute and note how hard your tongue works for you to give you enjoyment, pleasure, and just plain existence. If you have any suggestions for uses not included here, feel free to contact us at Info@TongueTown.com


  • The tongue helps you chew, holding your food in place until it is time to swallow, then guiding it into your throat. Doing that while giveing you the ability to taste makes the tongue the ultimate multi-tasker.
  • Lollipops, popsicles, and ice cream...need we say more?


  • Our tongue is instrumental in our speaking, singing, whistling, and forming sounds in our conveying thoughts and feelings to others.
  • It is vital to the musicians playing wind instruments.
  • Listen to the sounds of an auctioneer...his tongue has to be rolled when he or she is revving up the potential buyers.
  • How could we enjoy yodeling if we could not use the tongue to help us make those clear sounds of....well, yodeling.
  • Women, especially in the Middle East, make ceremonial sounds of mourning by rolling their tongues chanting loudly with a trill that echoes high and wide, as they express grief and lift their burdens from their hearts.


  • Our mighty over worked tongue provides medical and dental professionals with diagnostic signs of problems or potential trouble ahead, by changing color or surface formations.
  • Our inspector tongue rolls around our mouth on patrol to detect any irregularity of our teeth, gums, cheeks and oral cavity in general.


  • The dandy tongue gives us a handy and quiet cleaning mechanism for the entire oral cavity in which we explore for things that need not be in there.


  • We moisten our lips dozens of times a day just by running our tongue over the surfaces, preventing them from cracking or "chapping"
  • How many times have you soothed a scratch on your hand by placing your tongue over the offended area, only to feel relief?
  • That talented tongue of yours prevents choking from a crowded airway by helping you slow down food, liquids and medicine until the appointed time for them to continue their journey down the esophagus.
  • We use our thermometric tongue to determine the temperature


  • The tongue helps us make gestures to others such as that of disdain or joy.
  • We wet our fingers to turn the pages of a book or magazine...at least until online reading and Kindle readers make paper reading obsolete.
  • It's our prime 'finger moistener' in order for us to check the direction of the wind.
  • Absent technology that would render the act antiquated, we put the tongue to work licking stamps and envelope flaps in quantities as small as necessary for a single letter, or as large as necesary to send invitations to a graduation or wedding.
  • We moisten thread in order to "thread the needle", as it were.

  • When a shoe lace is old and has lost its tip, we moisten this to allow better entrance through the eyelet of our shoe.
  • We expel saliva by using our tongues to position it for optimal aim.
  • We use our tongue to shape chewing gum in preparation for blowing a bubble.
  • When counting newly printed currency, we moisten our thumb to make sure the bank didn't mess up....again.
  • If you haven't run with the children during a rain to catch the biggest drops on your tongue, you simply have to get outside during the next thunderstorm (being careful to avoid the tongues of lightning)...or perhaps wait for the first winter snow for the opportunity to catch snowflakes. If you are among the unitiated, where have you been?
  • We use it to establish a trademark                                                         

     Have you developed more respect for your tongue as you have imagined all these things your tongue does for you? It is worthy of care and of notice to help you prevent sickness and determine what a malady might be. It will communicate with you, so to speak, to warn you of something in your system that may need attention of your medical or dental professional.


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