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Albert Einstein has his tongue plastered all over the world on posters like the one shown here. Imagine the words that were formed by that tongue. It was the first tongue in history to say, “Energy is mass multiplied by the speed of light and multiplied again by the speed of light, E = M x C x C.


Michael Jordan used his to CREATE energy, as he extended it during games to increase oxygen flow to his lungs and muscles.

Michael Phelps uses the same theory. We are seeing a pattern here with winners who move their tongues away from the oropharynx to improve oxygen consumption.


 Gene Simmons of the band KISS, in his work, probably never used the equation of Einstein defining relativity. He does however have a tongue that is as popular in come circles as that of the great physicist.



 Annika Irmler and Stephen Taylor are a few Brits with long tongues. Annika had the longest tongue on record at 7 cm, until Stephen’s tongue became known. He soon claimed his place in the Guinness Book of World Records.




German teenager Irmler had the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue, 7 cm, until the UK's Taylor beat her by 2.5 cm. His tongue, measured from the center of his closed top lip to the tip is 3.7 inches or 9.4 cm. long. If you would like to compete for the record, you will need to use this system for measuring.


An old physics genius, an athlete, a musician and a few Brits...all known (by certain segments of society) for their tongues. So what do they all have in common? Millions of people have seen their popular tongues, in which lie no more ability than the tongue you and I possess. Did the tongue make the person, or.......???

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